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by Eolune

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We are very proud to release our first official recording, Canvas EP. This effort was toiled with over the past eight months and features Jonathan Schmidt (Morningwood) on drums. The EP was mixed by Joe Costable (For the Record), tracked with the help of Will Tendy, and mastered by Mike Kalajian (Fine Print Mastering). Check out the full liner notes here. The physical version of the CD will be available mid-March.

Our decision to release the EP through a donation-based service called Band Camp, was based upon our desire for people to have access to this music. It is better to have our music in people's stereos than sitting in our garages or on our hard drives. We are more adamant about people listening to this recording than we are about making any kind of profit from it. If you download the EP for free and like it, we hope that you will come out to a show or tell a friend about us. Our ultimate goal is sustainability, not money nor recognition.

It is with that mentality that we have released the EP under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. This license allows anyone to use the music for non-commercial purposes, provided that they follow the conditions specified by the license. We hope that you enjoy the EP....

We recommend that you listen to it as loud as possible while speeding down empty highways.

- Corey & David


released February 26, 2010

Eolune is pronounced “ee oh loon” or “ay loon” (if you prefer)

On this recording, Eolune is:
Corey Wade- vocals, guitar, electronic arrangements
David Hunt- vocals, bass, electronic arrangements
Jonathan Schmidt- acoustic drums

Music and Lyrics by Corey Wade and David Hunt (ASCAP)
Canvas EP is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

©2010 Corey Wade and David Hunt

Produced by Corey Wade and David Hunt
Drums tracked by Will Tendy and Joe Costable at The 30/30 Club in Goshen, NY
All other instruments tracked by Corey Wade and David Hunt in Pittsfield, MA;
Boston, MA; New York, NY; and Phoenix, AZ
Mixed by Joe Costable at The Vault in Poughkeepsie, NY
Mastered by Mike Kalajian at Fine Print Mastering in Goshen, NY
Additional editing by Will Tendy
Additional editing on “Naked in Poems” by Ryan Kaul

Additional Musicians:
Lauren Baker- Harp on “Glass Flowers For the Grave Machines”
Lorne MacArthur- Additional synth on “Billboard”

Artwork by Julianne Martin

Thank You:
Our families, our friends, Joe Costable and Jonathan Schmidt for their invaluable contributions and endless patience, Will Tendy, Mike Kalajian, Nick Weeden,
the Weeden family, Jesse Hangen, Josh Cuadra, Lorne MacArthur, Lauren Baker, Alex Vallejo, Ryan Kaul, Jamal Ruhe, Julianne Martin, Felisia Sainz, Talin Avakian,
and everyone who has supported us along the way.





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Track Name: Billboard
I'm writing in a diary of a stranger
My words are all meaningless, just pen on paper
I'm speaking in a language that is not mine
Don't know what I'm trying to say or trying to hide

I'll speak my name tonight just to see if I know who I am
I'll set my fears aside, if you would only would give me a chance
If you only would give me a chance....

Cause I've...been...quiet in corners
Stuck in my head again
I'm ready for you to feed on the haunting
To numb me, so I won't feel a thing

It doesn't feel like it's supposed to like the movies
It doesn't last when feelings change like the leaves
It doesn't feel like the grand effects
It doesn't read like a monologue it's much more complex...

So give me a billboard, a Bible, a TV,
To stop me from searching to make me believe
That there's more to this place then I could ever see
And that all of the answers are sitting in front of me
Stick me with needles and fill up my I.V.
With plenty of blind faith to make me fall asleep
With fear as your scalpel, begin this surgery
Cause I'm ready to rest now to escape the empty...
Track Name: Canvas
Please...bring me back
To this emptiness
'Cause completion is just a dream
No one's signing me
It's hard to wake in this wedding white,
Here each morning
Nothing's attached
Don't you forget that

Another coat a brand new start
Cause I don't care what's written here
I'm tearing pages and making art
I'll sweep away and build my space

The artist has broken
These windows taking pictures
Of sand and snow
Of careless echoes

My body double has passed away
I'm blending pigments and burying stains
We're closer to canvas than expected
Oh what a collection we've collected
Track Name: Tangled
A cigarette stain on my brand new jacket
I fear I've worn myself away
A missing stitch from my navy jacket
Put me the tomb

Have I gone mad...I think I have
Have I gone mad...I think that I have

It's time to meet you
This time is so overdue
I need to
Connect to
Don't you know, I do
This time is so overdue

Invisible voice speaking to my conscience
I hope she speaks free of lies
A dead empty room talking up my conscience
Put me the tomb

Nothing you do or say can change that wave of life you've missed
And nothing you do or say can change that wave of life that you wished for

The candlelight slits are open in time
They're widening now
Wider than your surprise
Tangled in the tree line
Tangled in the tree line
Tangled up in lost time
Tangled up and lost...
Track Name: Glass Flowers for the Grave Machines
These strangers will do for friends
Maybe better that way
Just know that I won't be there
When you come back someday
Stars and stripes on blackened eyes
Fold a flag close them tight
Tired lips swallowing pills
Pause to sleep..still your mind

I'm just a child acting tall
I'm at the edge over the falls
Tabloid talkshow burial
These grave machines are digging my hole
And oh I'll trade your ink for some of my blood
My head is a wreck just prop me up
Paper letters the writing turns
Lost my balance but you've got it worse

Rain and ash run down your face
With wordless grace you frown
Tears and lights flow from buildings
Lay your glass flowers down
Rack focus pushing petals (*pedals)
Drown the lotus in metal
Can anything keep me up
Above surface level

I am looking for some sanity
I am ready will you level me
Cause I am ready will you level me
I am looking for some sanity
So level me with sanity
Just level me...
Track Name: Naked in Poems
Time’s a disease
That you cannot cheat
They say your supposed to know by now
They say you must be grown up now
Covered in prose
But naked in poems

I’m four years old, on sandbox adventures
Where did that time go?
Fourteen years now, the music sounds better
We’re gonna rule the world

Lost boys who watch the sky and wait
But Peter Pan is not on his way
Covered in prose
But naked in poems

I’m four years old, on sandbox adventures
Where did that time go?
Fourteen years now, the music sounds better
We’re gonna rule the world
Eighteen years old, I’ll never forget her
But every summer ends
I’m twenty-one, as lost as ever
What do I do now?

Why can’t I just be here tonight?
Why can’t I destroy time?

Covered in prose
But naked in poems...
Track Name: My Time
The storm it moves through my broken fingers
Reminding me I'm not a ghost
I'm ready to leave now but we just got here
I'll pay the toll...who is the host?
Lately I've been taking my steps four at a time,
Somewhere between the bar and the bathroom
I can pretend this is a life

Here I am
I'm on my way
Another evening
Cause I can't tell you where I've been
Cause I've been hiding...inside...tonight...

You know I'm standing right here
Am I wasting my life?
Everyone has there day
And I am ready for mine

Wake up with phone calls that I regret
Wasting my time, just time to waste
And it gets so lonely when I'm surrounded
So can I chase this awful taste
Every time I finish sinking
I can't recall, no I can't recall
It's not so funny but everyones laughing
No I don not know who is to blame

The stars can't tell you the difference
Between the selfless and
The bulk they struggle not to shine
While I've been hiding inside...tonight...